December 12, 2021 Destei

Gift Ideas For A Dog Lover

From paw print leggings to specific dog breed design products, here are some gift ideas for the dog lover and dog owner in your life. I specifically chose a lot of neutral color designs for this list to fit a wider range of tastes.

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Destei’s dog breed specific cartoon illustrations are a great gift idea to any dog lover. Choose your favorite dog breed and coat color within that breed and shop the design on all kinds of products starting from shirts, leggings and pillows to fleece blankets, pet bowls, phone cases, notebooks, stickers and more.

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Dog Paw Print Silhouettes In Black And White Leggings

These paw print leggings are great for the person who A) loves wearing comfy pants and B) isn’t afraid to show off their love towards dogs. The black leggings feature multiple white dog paw prints going on the side of the leg on one side while on the other side there is one large dog paw print placed on the thigh level to create an interesting asymmetric look.

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Faux Black Marble Texture With Custom Pet Photo And Text Planner

We are soon entering to a new year, so calendars and planners are definitely a great gift idea for almost anybody. This planner in particular can be personalized with a custom pet photo and text. The design is a modern faux black marble design. You can choose from two different planner sizes and you can pick either a hard or soft cover for it.

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Beige Paw Print Pattern With Custom Monogram And Name Fleece Blanket

Gift your pet owner friend with a fleece blanket to cozy up in! This particular blanket has space for a pet’s name and monogram in the middle. Personalized products make for a very thoughtful present and a gift that will be loved for a long time to come. This design is also available in pink and black.

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Black And White Dog Paws With Custom Name Elastic Hair Tie

These dog paw print hair ribbon ties make for a fun and rather inexpensive stocking stuffers for that animal lover in your life. What makes these hair ribbon ties extra special is the fact that you can personalize them with a name or other custom text of your choosing. The design is also available in pink and white color scheme.

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Custom Pet Photo And Name With White Paws On Gray Mug

Now who doesn’t love mugs? They are such versatile gifts as they can be used for drinking your favorite beverage to using them as a keepsake to store pens in on a desk. This gray mug in particular can be personalized with your photo and pet’s name. The sides have some decorative white dog paw prints. Because the design’s main color is gray, both color photos and black and white photos will look good paired with it.

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Three Custom Photos And Name Personalizable Pet Photo Pillow

This lovely pillow is another custom pet photo gift idea that can be personalized with the name of the dog. There is space for three different custom photos on this pillow. You can place a one large photo and two smaller photos on it. Right under the photos there are black dog paw prints on the sides and a personalizable text area for the name of the pet that is written in a beautiful decorative script font.

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Faux Marble Texture Look And Custom Pet Name Pet Bowl

Here is a stylish faux marble look-like pet bowl gift idea for that dog owner in your life. This bowl features a digitally created marble texture that will be printed on the product together with the pet’s own name. I created this design with minimalist look in mind.

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Gray Dog Bone With Pet’s Own Name Dog Bed

If you wish to gift your pet owner friend through their pet instead, this gray dog bone design dog bed is a great choice! These dog beds are available in two different sizes and you can personalize the bed with the name of the pet. The covers are washable.

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I hope this list of a few dog lover gift ideas was helpful to you. Welcome to shop Destei’s Zazzle store directly for even more products.

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